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Yes, just like you I've been receiving all these emails about GDPR and 'click here to stay with us' and blah blah blah but the most annoying part for me is that I ALSO HAVE TO DO THIS ANNOYING GDPR THING TOO. At least you can just roll your eyes at the email and delete it. Ok here goes..

(I know, so much writing?!)

When you enquire with me initially I ask for your first name and last name and what you're enquiring about, and that's that. If I reply with a lovely email and you don't respond, not only are you missing out on me photographing your wedding but that's the end of our encounter and I don't really have that much information on you. If however, you're awesome, and you book me to photograph your wedding or family I will ask for more information including but not limited to your first name, surname, email address, mobile number, home address, venue address, names of close family and friends and so on. Obviously you all know why I have this information but this new law states that I have to explain this to you C.L.E.A.R.L.Y. I have that information because you've hired me and I'd like to say hello to you using your name and not 'person from the internet', I need your email and mobile number so I can contact you and let you know when your images will be ready and incase of rescheduling. I need all the information about where I will be shooting so that I can turn up to the correct venue on the day and I need your friends and families names so I can also be polite and use their name when interacting! 


All photographers are different. I keep your information in my private emails, on my laptop, (majority of the time) in my flat. I may also print out contracts containing all your information for ease of access and keep them in a folder in my office. Your images once I've taken them will be uploaded to a password protected online gallery. I'll also use them on my social media accounts, website and for promotional material, unless you don't want me to and then you'd have to tell me. Let's be frank, that's probably how you found me to be your photographer so don't hog me and tell other people see my work of your beautiful face! I also have an external hard-drive on which I save all my work for 12 months. This hard-drive is also password protected should it be stolen or lost. I'm yet to be featured on a wedding blog (boo!) but should that happen it is part of the contract which you will have signed and your face will be getting printed in a magazine/posted onto a blog. Again, if you're not happy with this just let me know. (Insert sad face)

I also must tell you that I use a website called Mouse flow, this tells me how many visitors I have per day and which pages of the site they visit. Yes it does tell me whereabouts in the world you're from but not your exact address (stalker alert). My main reason for using the website it to see which pages work well and which pages no-one ever visits, this helps me to improve my website and delete the crap parts! Sounds quite FBI but there's nothing to be paranoid about at all.

Basically, this whole GDPR thing is to make sure companies are protecting your information. You can take my word for it, I am, aint no-one getting hold of your email address don't worry! Just so you don't feel left out, here's a bit of my personal data.


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