Louise Barry Photographer

Wedding + Portrait photographer, Leeds, UK.

You may have read through the package prices and want to know a little more about what you get in them? Here you go!


Package One - We will chat whenever you like about what you have planned for your day, photography and non photography! We can discuss particular shots that you’d like, how many hours you’d like me to be there and any important parts of the day you’ll 100% want me to capture. I’m available via email, phone and will always reply the same day as your query.

Package Two - Same as package one


Package One - Unfortunately package one doesn’t offer an engagement photo shoot.

Package Two - These shoots are great for a number of reasons, a lot of people use them for their ‘save the date’ cards and sometimes even their ‘we’re engaged!’ cards. I’ll always have a number of locations in mind depending on where you live but if you have somewhere in mind, please share! These sessions are particularly beneficial if either of you are a little camera shy, you get to meet me before the wedding day so I won’t feel like a stranger on the day and you get to practise having your photograph taken and practising that chandler smile (just kidding!)


Package one - Bride only - I always love to start my working hours at bridal prep, it’s just such a lovely part of the day. It’s the time that I have with all the bridal party alone, photographing you hanging out and getting ready together. This is also when I’ll photograph all the little details including bouquets, gifts, the dress etc.

Package two - Both parties - Along with bridal prep there will be someone available to cover the groom prep too, I work with a bunch of talented ladies all over Yorkshire + will hire one of them for the whole day including your groom prep! This is a perfect time to photograph all the groomsmen, best men and Dads hanging out before the ceremony, the rings and the beers! It’s always really nice for the bride to see what her groom was up to whilst she was getting ready too.


Both packages include 8 hours coverage. Coverage starts when I arrive at bridal prep. (Don’t worry travel to bridal prep and travel home not included) This usually takes you up to the end of speeches. Additional hours are available if you’d like part of the evening reception covering.



Package one - Second shooter is not included in package one.

Package two - As part of package two there will be two photographers for the whole day, me and a choice of my second. I have a great relationship with a few local photographers which I use as second shooters when couples choose package two. This photographer will cover your groom prep and get different angles of your wedding for the whole 8 hours that I am there too. Due to having two photographers you’ll also end up with more photographs in your final gallery too!


Both packages - My 2018/19 supplier has recently retired from the photography presentation industry therefore I’m currently trying to find a new supplier of lovely boxes to present your gallery in. Feel free to ask any questions about this.


Both packages - After the delivery of your wedding gallery you may have friends and family asking to see the photographs, it can be quite difficult to share 400+ photographs with family and friends which is where this blog post comes in handy. I select a great range of photographs from the whole day and present them in a blog post which is shareable on social media!


Both packages - Your whole gallery will be presented to you as high resolution images, great for printing at a large size.


The copyright of your gallery will always remain with the photographer however you have full printing rights on every images so print 1,000 copies if you’d like, you’re allowed!

Package one - A minimum of 400 images

Package two - Due to having a second photographer for the whole day you’ll receive at least 600 images.


Extra hours for evening coverage

Extra USB sticks for family

Luxury wedding albums - a range of sizes

High resolution matt prints - a range of sizes