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Pinterest: for creative minds

Everyone loves Pinterest, surely? What’s not to like, it’s just a minefield of wonderful ideas and creative minds! (Very similar to Instagram but there's just something a little more special about it!)

I personally love Pinterest because of the interaction with hundreds of people from around the world sharing ideas with one another. I love the way it’s used, and how easily accessible it is to take inspiration from one another.

For those of you that don’t know what Pinterest is: it’s like a giant online digital pin board. You see things that catch your eye or that you’re interested in and you can either ‘like’ it or you can pin it to your own board. For example, you may have a few boards ‘ideas for the kitchen’, ‘ideas for the garden’ and ‘ideas for the study’, every time you see something that inspires you, you can pin it to the relevant board and come back to review at it at a later date.

Weddings are becoming more and more popular on Pinterest, using cost saving ideas that are also creative and cool are high on modern brides lists! You’ll find things such as save the date cards, invites, table decorations and floral colour palettes. It’s something that will give you a lot of inspiration but at the same time, because there is so much content, it could frazzle your brain if you spend too long on it.

So if you’re not signed up to Pinterest and you love interior design, you’re getting married, hosting a party, moving house, you love photography, you’re having a baby, or you basically just love nice thing, sign up today, it’s amazing.

I always suggest to my clients, if they haven’t already seen work on my page, to have a look on Pinterest for ideas that they like. This gives me a clearer indication of what they’re looking for in their shoot and I can create work that they’re going to love.

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