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Wedding + Portrait photographer, Leeds, UK.

Meet the maker

I've been taking part in 'March: Meet The Maker' on Instagram and I thought I would share it on here too!

March 1st: YOU

Hi! As you may well have guessed my name is Louise! I’m the owner and solo photographer of Louise Barry Photographer and I really need to get some professional head shots done!

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 19.03.45.png

March 2nd: WHERE

I’m based in Leeds, West Yorkshire but I shoot weddings all over the UK (travel included in the price!)

March 3rd: How you started

I graduated in 2012 with a BA Hons from Bradford School Of Art. I worked in America for a summer teaching photography classes to school children and in all honestly I lost my photography spark after that, I was a little sick of holding my camera tbh! Luckily Over the past few years I’ve really got back in the swing of things and I LOVE what I do. I’m so excited for the future will bring.

... and then life took over and now it's the 17th March and I can't catch up! Hope you enjoyed the 3 facts about me! *Insert monkey covering it's eye emoji*