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Wedding + Portrait photographer, Leeds, UK.

Why have a family portrait?

Do you ever look back at old family and wedding photographs and it just makes you feel happy? You remember exactly where you were when that photograph was taken and you remember the time of year, the season and the people that you were with. I love to look back on old photographs to bring back good memories, remind me of my childhood and be shown places I’ve been that I might not even remember being at.

In this day and age the selfie has become a worldwide phenomenon, there’s always someone unbelievably close to the camera and an arm protruding from the lens. There’s also always someone that wants to take the family photographs and is never in them.

This needs to stop!

Your children need to look back on photographs like I do and see a full family portrait, see you all having fun and together. That’s where I come in. As a Leeds based portrait and wedding photographer I just LOVE to do family portraits, and when I saw family portraits please don’t think of you all wearing the same clothing and sat in tiers staring at the camera. I like to document families and weddings in a natural style, fly on the wall almost! I always shoot in a lovely outdoor location (we’ve just got to pray for good weather!) but then I’ll give minimal direction and photograph you all hanging out and being yourselves.

Have a look at my family portraits section of the website if you’re interested in booking in for a session or head over to the contact page if you have any questions!