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Where is your dream wedding destination?

If you could get married anywhere in the

whole wide world

.. where would it be?

I did an ‘ask me a question’ over on my photography Instagram page (Visit it here!) about where people would go to get married if they could go anywhere in the entire world! Where do you think they said?

Leeds Yorkshire wedding photographer

“Somewhere memorable with an unbelievable view” - Such an open ended answer but still great, views are one of those things that aren’t reaaaaaaally appreciated until you’re there, and they can make a gorgeous portrait or group shot 10 times better.

Leeds Photographer

“The Maldvies” - Oh, yes please! Glorious sunshine for those romantic beach wedding photographs + guaranteed weather for all your guests to enjoy.


“Bora Bora” - Very similar to The Maldives! Amazing light for your couples photographs and even your ceremony photographs too. Lovely weather at the right time of year and if I remember correctly this is where the pig swim in the sea?! Imagine the photo opportunities!

Leeds Yorkshire wedding photographer

“Chateau in the French countryside” - Now the photograph that I posted wasn’t exactly in the French countryside but STILL lovely. It reminds me of that programme on channel 4 about the couple renovating a french Chateau which always makes me want to get married in France!


A few places that didn’t get mentioned where I’d love to shoot a wedding:

Lucca, Italy

Rome, Itlay

Florence, Italy

New York City

Barcelona, Spain

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Paris, France

San Francisco, US - because I just reaaaaaaaally want to go!

So if you know anyone considering these places or anywhere else for their wedding day, let them know so we can chat all things wedding!