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Dottie, 8 days

Lucy & Sam have had a great 12 months.

They got married in May 2016, it was an amazing day filled with people they love celebrating them as a couple. Fast forward 12 months and they have a new love in their lives, little Dottie Florence Buck. After a difficult 3 days in labour she was born on May 12th at 1:19am weighing 6lb 13oz by caesarean section. She's an absolute dream, so tiny to hold and the hair, oh the hair!

Lucy has always been one for interior design, keeping up to date with trends, and basically loving life on Pinterest, so it wasn't a shock to me that Dottie's nursery was absolutely magical. Everywhere you look there's something cute; bunting, teddy's, wooden ornaments, just a lovely environment for a baby to be in..

Lucy & Sam I wish you both all the luck in the world, she's beautiful.