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Don't be fooled

I want to talk about high street photographers but I'm not naming and shaming.

I used to work for a high street photography company, don't get me wrong, some of the work that comes out of there is okay but by god they don't half lure you in on false pretences, just like they did with the job advertisement itself. I was fresh out of University and wanted to put my shiny new degree to use, so when I saw the job for 'studio photographer', 1 mile away from my house, I jumped at the chance. I got myself an interview and spoke about my passion for photography, my degree and my experience in customer service, it was probably the customer service part that got me the job to be honest. In the interview we chatted about the job. I was told we photographed up to 12 babies/families a day, how fun it was and a little mention about promotion work, I was offered the job and gladly accepted.

Fast forward 2 months and I'm miserable. I'm stood out in the high street trying to persuade brand new mums to come into store, continuously telling everyone how cute their children are. I'm promoting an offer which sounds good, but when you come into the studio I'm going to have to up-sell unbelievable amounts of overpriced products to you. I'm only actually photographing 1 child per day and I'm rushed with a 20-minute slot, the rest of the time I'm either trying to lure people into the studio or I'm with a family that have had a shoot and I’m trying to explain to them why their £10 promo shoot is now being sold to them as a £800 canvas and multiple mini-prints.

I’m writing this post, not to persuade you not to go to these studios, but just to be aware that these offers that you see aren’t as simple as they look. The £10 shoot you’re being promoted will be for 1 small print, and in the case of the studio where I worked it was the first photograph we took of your child and that was that, no negotiating. Before booking in anywhere be aware of the cost of additional prints, how many prints are actually included in the price you’re paying and have a look at the style of the photography on the walls because that’s the style that you’re going to be getting. There’s no doubt that my experience working for this company has made me do the total opposite with my little business now; When I inform clients about sessions all the information is there, you can see my style of work, how many digital copies you’re going to get, the length of the session etc.

Don’t be fooled by these companies, don’t let them rip you off.

Happy Wednesday!