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I'm here!

So! Here I am, writing my first ever blog post for my photography website (that I made all by myself!) If you're reading this I'd like to say a massive thank you for taking the time not only to visit my page but to actually click on links and have a look around. Without the general public and their curious ways I wouldn't get seen online and I wouldn't get to photograph the lovely people that I do, so thank you.

This blog is mainly going to be documentations of the shoots that I do (with clients permission obviously.) but it's also going to feature a little bit of my personal life too, behind the scenes if you will..

I studied photography for 5 years and graduated with a BA HONS degree in Photography, specialising in portraiture. I never really knew what I wanted to aspire to whilst I was studying, I didn't know exactly what or who I wanted to photograph, I just knew I loved having a camera in my hand and seeing what I could achieve. Here I am, 4 years later, finally out of retail and reaching for the stars. I hope you all like my website! & remember, you know where I am if you get asked "do you know any photographers?"

L x


New York City, 2016.