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London Art Trip

As most of you may well know I'm a full time art technician at a grammar school aspiring to do photography full time. I recently went on an art trip to London with 6 other members of staff and 71 15-16 year olds, safe to say photography wasn't the first thing on my mind so apologies in advance for the shoddy picture quality. The trip consisted of multiple art galleries, The Lion King at the theatre, tourist sight seeing, getting into The Wildlife Photography Exhibition for free and seeing one the biggest dogs I've ever seen!

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As you might have guessed I was scoping out any photography I could find in the museums as apposed to paintings and drawings, not that I dislike them, I can appreciate a good painting when I see one but some of the work in the museums was questionable haha. I took a few snapshots of the work I did like..

One of the coolest parts about the weekend was that I got to see some pieces of art in person that I'd studied for 3 years at University so it was quite nostalgic to see Hockney and LaChapelle's work in person (although we were only a few weeks too early to see the whole Hockney exhibition, damn!)

I always tend to take photographs of things that remind me of people when I'm out and about so when I saw this adorable little flower stall I had to capture it for my cousin in Australia. She's obsessed with flowers, flower arrangements and is currently trying to start up a business in the field. So here you go Stephie..


Little flower hut, London.

On the last day we all went to the National History Museum, I was a bit disappointed because the giant dinosaur from the front entrance has been removed and in the middle of being replaced, gutted. On the other hand there happened to be 'Wildlife Photographer Of The Year' exhibition on which was a nice surprise. I approached the guy at the entrance and was told it was members only or £15 in and as I asked where I could purchase a ticket another guy turned around who happened to be an old friend of mine, he let me straight in for free! amazing! The exhibition is well worth a visit (even if you have to pay hehe.) Some of the work is just out of this world and the time taken to produce some of the images is something I have great respect for, I could never wait out in the cold for 4 hours to wait for a fox to pass my camera!

The trip was absolutely knackering, but I'm glad I got to see some of the things I did, I'd recommend a trip to London to anyone, just a little less jam-packed.